Maori - Taika

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A masterful fruity trio!

A fruity and refreshing recipe!

Discover Taika, a fruity recipe made up of a refreshing fruity trio. You will find then flavors of juicy strawberries, lemon acidulated with the sweetness of a litchi just shelled.

Full Moon is not on its first try, and knows how to please the most demanding vapers. A promise made with Taika concentrate, your new companion.

A blend of strawberries, lemons and lychees!

The balance of the different fruity flavors that make up Taika flirts with perfection. Indeed, each aroma has its role to play, with a powerful strawberry that will deliver its flavors throughout your expiration, a tart lemon that will enhance the whole and a delicious lychee to round a voluptuous cloud.

The freshness of Taika will explode with each inspiration, for an exceptional rendering, designed to become the all day of the most passionate of fruity concentrates!

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